Microwave Links

Microwave Links

Affinity Communications Systems Ltd specialise in wireless communications networks, ensuring clients have the right infrastructure in place for their needs. We are particularly renowned as one of the best UK based teams at creating microwave links. Our team always embraces new technology so we can provide cutting edge solutions to any requirements.

A microwave link network uses radio waves in the microwave frequency range to connect two fixed locations. They are the foundation of communication systems utilised by businesses in a variety of industries. The networks are relatively straightforward, consisting of just four components. With a single system various types of communication are possible including radios, mobile phones, and commercial broadcasting.

There are a number of benefits to investing in microwave links. Most importantly a network is able to handle very large amounts of information, making it suitable for various requirements. In addition the set up costs are low and advanced transmitter equipment can offer fantastic range, connecting sites effectively.

A final important benefit of this kind of a microwave wireless network is the lack of disruption. The waves are able to penetrate all kinds of adverse weather, including fog and snow. This means there are fewer worries about signals being lost and transmissions being interrupted.

The Affinity team can provide microwave links to suit any needs. We are an accomplished specialist that only works with top of the line equipment. This means we provide outstanding results. Businesses have the option to choose hire or purchase from us and there are various financing options available. Whatever your budget we are confident we can cater for it.

The major advantages of working with us are we can get you set up quickly and will provide ongoing support. Your network can be up and running in just a few days from your first enquiry. We will ensure it is securely encrypted and offer all the assistance you need going forward, including maintenance.

We are so confident we can provide the right solution for you the first time around that we offer guarantees. By embracing change and technological advancement, we are always up to date with the latest products and can deliver the perfect network.

If you would like to discuss these wireless systems with us, or are interesting in purchasing, don't hesitate to get in touch.