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Microwave as a Service – Opex suite you better?

Rather than own your microwave equipment outright, why not consider us operating the service for you? Many of our customers are choosing not to buy equipment outright, but simply operate their connections to their remote sites on a subscription bases


By operating your equipment using a subscription based service from Affinity you can:

  • Reduce cost by not requiring a large CAPEX upfront expenditure.
  • Enjoy bandwidth upgrades with some equipment as and when you need them.
  • Get maintenance support included as part of the package to your chosen SLA.
  • Get Specialist outsourced support staff to operate the network with no requirement for trained internal resources.
  • Receive a technology refresh/upgrade at the end of a three or five year subscription.
  • Makes budgeting and operating your network easy.

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  • Money Back Guarantee - No Risk
  • Site Surveys - Right First Time
  • Tailored SLA - Best Fit
  • Free Advice - Expert Staff
  • Buy or Rent - Opex or Capex

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